Start your journey with Volkswagen!


Where to start your Journey

Directions to the Conference Center from I-75:

  • Take Exit 9 for Volkswagen Drive.
  • Go west on Volkswagen Drive (right turn from 75 South or left turn from 75 North).
  • At the stop light, turn left to continue on Volkswagen Drive.
  • At the roundabout, take the first exit to turn into Volkswagen parking lot.
  • In the parking lot, turn right and drive toward the buildings.
  • Turn left just before the first building (which is the Conference Center).
  • Turn left into the Visitor Parking (last two rows of the parking lot).

Enter the Conference Center:

The Entrance is on the front side of the building. When facing the front of the buildings, you will see some flag poles in the middle. The Conference Center is the only building to the left of the flag poles.


2023 VW Career Expo Map