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The Robotronics Technology Apprentices will complete a two-year apprenticeship program which combines robotics, programing, electrical, electronics, computer and controls systems into a design useful for advanced manufacturing. The apprenticeship program is a partnership between Volkswagen Group of America and Chattanooga State Community College and based on the German AHK.

The apprenticeship program runs 3 semesters throughout the year. Students will go through a total of 6 semesters including academic and on-the-job training semesters.

Students are enrolled in Chattanooga State Community College during the apprenticeship program and will receive an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science upon completion.

The apprenticeship is paid after an 8 month probation period.
A conditional job offer is made at the end of the apprenticeship program based on performance, exam scores, successful program completion, and business needs. 

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