You believe in hard work. You believe in building a legacy, while striving for stability.

You believe in spending your days being a part of something that gives you pride. And maybe every once in a while, you dream of being part of something that changes the world. By joining Volkswagen's new production facility in Chattanooga, you support the Volkswagen Group transformation into electrical mobility and self-autonomous driving, while continuing the high quality standards that characterize the Volkswagen brand.

As part of the Volkswagen production team, you will focus on uncompromised quality and assemble the world's most unique and innovative vehicles. You'll be guided by environmentally responsible manufacturing standards that mirror Chattanooga's own earth-friendly commitment. Talk about building pride.

Then there's that bit about hard work. As a production team member, you'll bring revolutionary ideas to life every day in a fast-paced, challenging environment. It's essential that you be able to consistently perform repetitive tasks. You'll also have the responsibility of closely following instructions and working accurately and efficiently under pressure. We have high objectives for ourselves, and expect people with the same determination and ambition. Our fresh commitment to the U.S. market is born out of respect for the abilities, strengths, and initiative of the American workforce -- people just like you. As part of the Volkswagen team in Chattanooga, you will infuse quality into each of the vehicles built here annually. Talk about dedication.

You aspire to make a difference. Don’t just talk about it. Help make it happen.

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