In your life, change is the only constant.

It’s an adage that holds true for Volkswagen as well, a saying that shapes the life and ingenuity of our engineers. As our thoughts of mobility transform, our technologies must be intelligent, flexible, and intuitive, thus our ideas must be exceptional rather than merely adequate.

As an engineer at the Chattanooga facility, your expertise and originality will advance engineering for cars especially designed for the North American market. You will provide analytical and conceptual thinking to produce vehicles that set the world standard in safety, technology, and environmental responsibility.

In your pursuit of the perfect vehicle you will create the highest quality standards in manufacturing engineering. You will also design, implement, and coordinate unsurpassed processes and production systems that ensure quality and productivity of the Chattanooga facility.

The needs of the North American driver are evolving. Consider shaping the world as it will be with Volkswagen.

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